The photo uses persuasion to make men think that having intercourse with a woman isn’t as good as this car, or that thinking of the car during intercourse, will make it better. The words in the photo “The Ultimate Attraction”, leads us to believe that the attraction from the man to the woman is only based on the car.

            Comparison is another main strategy in this advertisement. The most obvious form of comparison used in this photo is the comparison between the woman and the photo of the car that’s covering her face. As readers, we are lead to believe that the car is more attractive than the woman, or if the woman looked more like the car, there would be more of an attraction.

            Motivation is also used in this advertisement for basically the same purpose as persuasion. Sex gets people motivated to do things. People look at these advertisements, and think to themselves that maybe sex can get them what they want, meaning possibly this car. Though this isn’t exactly true in most cases, we’re human, and we can’t help but think so.

           In doing this assignment, I learned how to really look at an advertisement, and see what it’s really trying to say. I also learned that color, certain angles, facial expressions, and objects in the photo have more to say than meets the eye. I never realized how people motivate others to buy their products with just photos, but now I know! 

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